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I showed my Doctor my HELO

Last week I visited my Doctor, to tell him my Blood Pressure readings were coming down. I showed him my Helo and explained that I had now been wearing it for about 5 months. He took my BP reading with his machine, two times, to check the results were the same. Then he got me to take my BP reading on my HELO. He was amazed to see that the result was within 1 point on both top and bottom results. He was very impressed, as I could also show him a list of all my results for the past month, taken 12 times each day.

Then I showed him how I could perform an EKG. He watched with amazement as the screen on my phone showed him a perfect EKG taken over an 80 second period, and then said "perfectly normal EKG and your Sinus Rhythm is perfect"

He couldn't believe how advanced our HELO wristband is!

I showed my Doctor my HELO
He was amazed by what I was showing him

The HELO may have saved my life!

If you have noticed I have gone off radar for the past two days, I was admitted to the hospital for heart attacked, and I want to share my experience with you.

On Friday morning, I was not feeling well, I took an EKG reading on my HELO at close to noon time, the reading said "Abnormal". I wasn't putting much attention to it as I thought it was due to the heavy work and stress for the past few days that caused the reading to abnormal.

At about 2pm, I began to feel uncomfortable. I took another reading, and I noticed this time not only my EKG said "Abnormal" but my blood pressure had gone up and my heart rate was at 130.

I called my fiancée to immediately send me to the closest hospital. At the emergency gate, I collapsed. I was treated immediately and doctor and nurses managed to revive me. However, the hospital did not have any heart specialist, so I was transferred by ambulance to the hospital that had my medical records.

At the hospital, the heart specialist came to me after all the EKG and blood tests. He told me I was lucky to came in when I did. If I had waited, that I would have been in a very dangerous situation.

When I took my first EKG reading on my HELO with the result of "Abnormal", I should have just drop whatever I was doing and went for a medical check-up, rather than wait until I took the second reading. Then I might not have to have been admitted and instead could have been treated as an outpatient.

To those of you who are wearing your HELO, please do your regular EKG check and most importantly, TRUST YOUR HELO!

And for my friends who are not wearing HELO, you must get one for yourself and for your parents. I am not trying to convince you to buy something that is not necessary. I am telling you to own your LIFE SAVING DEVICE!

Dr. Philip L.

High Blood Pressure improving thanks to HELO

As someone who has been on medication for High Blood Pressure for over 20 years, I was very excited to find out about Helo.

Blood Pressure is known as 'the silent killer' and on numerous occasions when mine had skyrocketed to extremely dangerous levels, I was totally unaware.

I have now been wearing my HELO for close to 4 months. After 20 years of taking medication, and the same tablet for over 10 years, my BP is going down. My top reading is NEVER below 125 and my bottom reading is NEVER below 90, which has been recorded over the past 3 months to verify this. Now over the past few days, I have been having some readings of 113/80 and 119/82 and 109/82 and 113/77. It isn't constant yet, but the lower readings are becoming more frequent. About half of my readings everyday are now dramatically lower than before I was wearing my Helo

Nothing else has changed in my life, other than wearing my HELO. What can I say but WOW! This is SO EXCITING!

Wearing my Helo gives me great comfort and reassurance, as I know I will be warned if my Blood Pressure starts to rise. The first time I received a warning that my blood pressure readings were outside of my normal parameters, I opened my app expecting to see it was high, and was so excited to see it was lower than I had set my bottom level warning. That was such an incredible message to receive.!

Vicki L
My Helo watches over me :-)

Sleeping Problems helped by HELO

In the last year or so, I have become a terrible sleeper. It has been driving me crazy, and I just can't seem to switch off my mind. I found that the more I worried about not sleeping, the less sleep I got.

Then I bought one of these Helo bands, and I can honestly say that I am sleeping a LOT better. I don't know if it is because of the stones in the band, that they say can help you get better sleep, or if it is because I can read the report on how I slept. I found that once I started wearing this band, and seeing how long I slept, if it was deep sleep or light sleep and how many times I woke, I stopped worrying as much each night. Then because I wasn't worrying, I would fall asleep faster and sleep better.

So not sure which one it is, or if it a bit of both, but I am so pleased that something is working.


HELO is helping me understand my own body better

Just before I purchased a Helo wristband, I had an episode of severe chest pain. I ended up in the emergency room, thinking I was having a heart attack, as I hadn't ever had pain like it before. After being put on a drip, having blood tests and a couple of EKGs I was sent home several hours later.

Although the hospital told me I had done the right thing by going in, I felt bad that I had taken time and resources unnecessarily. If I had already known about Helo and purchased one, I would have been able to perform my own EKG, BP reading, Heart Rate etc. and be assured that all was OK. I really wish I had known about it earlier, but so glad I do now.


HELO is helping me monitor my health

My dad recently had a triple bypass, which now makes me take my health more seriously. He didn't know he had anything wrong until it was almost too late. Luckily he didn't ignore a warning sign and went straight to his doctor, before he had a heart attack. But as the doctor told him, many people don't want to bother the hospital emergency department, and wait too long, and then can't be saved.

So I have made a decision to monitor my health everyday, even though I am apparently well, as we never know when that could change.

Annie L

I am grateful to my friend for showing me the HELO

I am so grateful to my friend Julie for showing me her wristband. To be honest I always thought they were a bit of a gimmick, so I was a bit skeptical. But when I saw how many things it could do, and the constant reporting you could get on your health status, I was really impressed. I don't want to find out that something is wrong, when it is too late, so I bought a Helo and absolutely love wearing it.


From Couch Potato to Wellness with Accountability!

I know I am a bit of a couch potato, and have read many times that to keep fit we need to do at least 10,000 steps each day. The minimum goal is 5,000 and I know I believed I would do that many steps easily every day. Well... let me tell you, my Helo soon made me realize that wasn't the case! Sure, most days I came close to the minimum, but I failed hopelessly lots of the time.

It is really rewarding when a message pops up on your phone telling you that you have reached your 5,000 step goal, and even better still when it lets you know you have exceeded 10,000 steps.

This is a simple and easy way to track your daily activity and be motivated to do more. Love it.

Susan K