Loyalty Membership


Earn points each month toward new Wor(l)d products.

How would you like a brand new next-generation Helo and cutting-edge smartphone every single year? With the Wor(l)d loyalty program you can. Every month you are an active loyalty member, you earn points which can be redeemed at any time.

The points you accumulate will be enough to get a new Helo and phone every year, but you can also use the points towards future products that get released. Plus, after your 3rd month as a member, all your devices are protected under the device protection plan. If your device is damaged or not working, simply send it in for a replacement, no questions asked.

The loyalty membership that keeps on giving.

What you get:

  • 75 loyalty points*
  • 5 vouchers for the Helo Pro App
  • Protection plan (advanced level & above)
  • SpaceMeet 1000 seat web conference room
  • SpaceCloud 512 gig web storage
  • Special VIP privileges (premium level)
  • 30 commissionable volume (CV) and $6 Fast Start (FS commission for each personally referred member)

Get brand new devices every year.

Accumulate points and use them to continually receive new Wor(l)d products.

Use your points towards the Mobile Forever and Wearable Forever program, allowing you to receive a brand new next-generation smartphone and HELO device every year. One point equals one dollar, making it easy for you to know how many points it takes to purchase eligible Wor(l)d products.