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The sharing economy is a better way.

Commerce is changing as social media and social trends usher in the what is referred to as the Sharing Economy. Wor(l)d Global Network is on the forefront of this economic shift and has created a platform that rewards YOU for spreading the word about Wor(l)d products and services.

Through Wor(l)d’s unique Pay Plan, every time you refer someone that orders a product or joins the Loyalty Program, you get paid a commission. The more people you refer, the more you can earn. Plus, you can also earn when your customers and members refer other people and your entire referral network grows.

You may not see a dime when you talk about that cool new app you have on your phone, but with Wor(l)d it pays to talk! Keep reading to learn how exactly Wor(l)d rewards you when you share.

4 ways you can earn.

Make personal product sales

Promote and sell Wor(l)d products to customers through your own personal Wor(l)d website.

Become a member and stay active

STEP 1: Become a Wor(l)d member by purchasing any product or package.

STEP 2: Every 30 days, be eligible for Commission Calculation by selling any product or service with at least 30SV (sales volume) in total.

Earn 10% recurring fast sales bonus

Every time your customers buy a product from yourStore, you will earn a 10%* sales bonus. This includes recurring sales of products and the Loyalty Membership.

Build your team

Grow your network of Wor(ld) members who also promote and sell products and services.

Become a Team Builder

To be eligible for team commissions you must qualify as a TEAM BUILDER (Partner or Executive).

You will need to sell at least 100 SV on both the left and right teams (1 right member and 1 left member).

  • You become Team Builder Partner with 100 SV
  • You become Team Builder Executive with 450 SV
Earn 10% - 21% team volume commisions

You must organize your frontline into a “right” and a “left” team.

These people, together with the downline, will be part of your right and left Dual Team.

The earnings generated by the Team Volume can reach up to 20%* of the total sales volumes, balanced between the two teams (10% per each team). The SV surplus is Carried Forward to the next commission cycle.

1% Money Box

An additional 1% of your Team Volume Commission (TVC) will be accumulated in the Money Box every commission period. To receive the whole payment, you need to keep Activation for 12 consecutive months.

*Paid weekly. To qualify for 20% you must become a Team Builder Executive by having 450sv on both your left and right teams. You can earn up to $200,000/week in team commissions per business center. If you purchase the Family or Premium Pack you can have up to 3 business centers.

Earn up to 10 generations of matching bonus

To qualify for the Generation Matching Bonus, you need to be a Team Developer by having a personally enrolled Team Builder on your left and right. A Team Builder is someone that has a personally enrolled active on their left and right with 100sv.

The Generation Matching Bonus is a matching percentage of the weekly Team Commissions Bonus for each member of your 10 downline generations*. The percentage and quantity of the bonus depend on the weekly rank you’ve reached within a certain commission period.

*Paid weekly. Generation 1 is defined as your personally enrolled members. Generation 2 is their personally enrolled members, and so on. (Example: If your personally enrolled member earns $1000 in Team Commissions, you’ll receive a 10% Gen 1 Matching Bonus, or $100.)

Share in the company’s revenue

Participate in the success of the entire company through an exclusive bonus pool.

Millionaire Pool

Share in 1% of the total company sales when you reach the rank of President Millionaire. This bonus is paid periodically throughout the year.

Enjoy incredible lifestyle rewards

Earn cars, exotic trips, luxury items and other exclusive perks as you climb the ranks.

Car Bonus & Supercar promotions

Car Bonus

Maintain Diamond rank for 4 CONSECUTIVE COMMISSION CYCLES and receive $1000 toward a new car.

Supercar Promotion

Wor(l)d rewards it’s top producers unlike any other company. If you hit the rank of President Millionaire, Wor(l)d will give you the keys to a brand new Lamborghini, Ferrari or Rolls Royce, title in hand! To earn you need to qualify at the rank of President Millionaire for any given 4 weeks from now till May 15th.

*Complete qualification details are available in your back office. Rank volume requirements can be viewed in the full Pay Plan PDF.

Diamond club tour bonus

WOR(l)D’s extraordinary lifestyle experiences can be yours once you hit the rank of Diamond and above. When you participate in the Diamond Life Tour, you experience unforgettable moments — such as premieres around the world, exotic trips, luxurious gala dinners, and amazing shows — all while building and strengthening your network.

Luxury Bonus & Millionaire Club

When you achieve the rank of President for the first time, you will receive a WOR(l)D Luxury Jewel.

Millionaire Club Bonuses

As President Millionaire in WOR(l)D, you have the right to participate in the exclusive MILLIONAIRE CLUB.

  • Get the earliest information – Develop leadership
  • Live a millionaire lifestyle

View the Wor(l)d Pay Plan PDF

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